Model Portfolio Service

Our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) offers your clients a simple, cost-effective way to access our investment expertise, and resources, with the aim of growing your clients' real wealth.  Each strategy is actively managed and designed to deliver their target inflation plus returns to suit a range of risk appetites.  The models we offer are:

Real2 To outperform CPI+2%pa. over the investment cycle
Real3 To outperform CPI+3%pa. over the investment cycle
Real4 To outperform CPI+4%pa. over the investment cycle
Real5 To outperform CPI+5%pa. over the investment cycle

MPS invests in both actively managed and passive funds ensuring diversified access to global markets irrespective of your client’s portfolio size.

We review the asset allocation and portfolio every month and any changes are then implemented by the platform who are responsible for the service and administration of your portfolio.

Defaqto has recognised the quality of our service by awarding us the maximum 5* rating for Managed Portfolio Services in each of the last five years.

MPS Factsheets: